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New Blooms Five on Friday. Friday 2022 Feb 11

New Blooms and A Successful Carpentry Project


This hellebore has been magnificent for several weeks now.  I don’t know its name but I do appreciate its persistence.  It was a donation of a few years ago from the yard of a Master Gardener in the area.  His widow allowed us to take a dozen transplants from their yard.  It is a fitting memorial to him.


This is Kerria japonica sometimes known as Japanese rose.  I have had it now for 3 or 4 years.  It is deciduous but solitary blooms can be seen throughout the winter.  It is a slow spreading shrub with long arching stems similar to forsythia.


This is Croton alabamensis or Alabama croton.  It is a low shrub endemic to Alabama. It can be called semi-evergreen.  I like to bronze leaves that linger in the winter.  In summer the foliage has a silvery backing which flashes when blown by the wind.

The daffodils are really beginning to emerge this week.  These are two varieties in the Mens Garden that stand out.


Here is a beautiful red camellia.  This double red bloom is so elegant.  I think it may be Professor Sargent.

This is a carpentry project that I participated in at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.  The area you see is a brick patio, surrounded on 3 sides by a 4×4 fence, and which overlooks the Bruno vegetable garden.  We took down one side which was leaning badly and salvaged the lumber to add a second railing to the fence portion that you see.  We replaced the fence by placing 4×4 posts and stringing steel cable through them and attaching the ends to the other 2 sections that you see.

I am mentioning a blog that I follow Globetrotting Grandpa.  He is featuring all 50 states as part of his travels and he posted one on Alabama today.

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Hope you enjoy.


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