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Daffodils and Winter Projects

Five for Friday

Feb 18, 2022


We have had some fine weather last week but as is typical winter reared its head again.  Yesterday, it was blustery, thunderstorms and some heavy rain.  This unsettled air will persist into next week but its time to look at the beautiful growth in the garden and finish up some winter projects.



The daffodils are pushing up and blooming this past week.  It has turned colder these next few days after the rain and blustery weather yesterday.

From left to right, these are Orange Sunset, Barrett Browning and KIng Alfred.


These majestic pansies have struggled some this winter in the cold spells.  When it turned fair last week, they were truly “majestic”.


This Autumn Fern remains evergreen.  It shows some signs of winter damage but it will soon be glorious again.  It tolerates enough sun that it is a wonderful garden companion.


This tea olive also known as Sweet Osmanthus is well established in my garden now.  It is evergreen and delightful with the fragrance that comes from these tiny blooms.  It is reliable to smell the new blooms after every measurable rainfall.


The compost bin has been very productive this year.  We spread almost a yard of it around the shrubs and perennials this past few weeks.  Added more leaves and fern prunings this week.  Should be some grass cuttings before long.  Don’t bag up and discard your grass clippings and fall leaves!  There is garden gold in those bags.


Last week, saw the male bluebird bring his intended to this house.  She did enter it and look around.  Hope she liked it.  Last year, it was used at least twice for fledglings.


This camellia is Sea Foam.  It has such a beautiful and delicate shape.  It is just a few years old, but it has been prolific since December.

Don’t forget to check out the Propagator tomorrow.

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In the meantime, enjoy the post and Happy Gardening.


Author: topdock

Traveller Gardener

6 thoughts on “Daffodils and Winter Projects”

  1. These photos are absolutely lovely! It gives me hope for spring. We need that right now. We had yet another blizzard in southern Manitoba today. So many already this winter and unusual, even here. I presently have 4 ft. of snow in my yard. But summer will arrive and the yard will once again be glorious. Yes, you give me hope and the excitement is still there. Thank you for sharing. I’m still anxious to hear something about the ginger plant that can be grown in pot and put out in warmer months.


    1. Culinary ginger is available online ready for planting. It will grow up to Zone 9 in the garden but here in central Alabama we are Zone 8a.
      I ordered mine 3 years ago and planted it in a medium sized container. It needs to be planted just below the surface. A good potting soil has worked for me.
      I don’t take it outside until nighttime temps are above 60 degrees F. It has a tall upright growth habit with long leaves. My plant has not flowered.
      When you need some for cooking, it is very easy to cut off a portion.
      During the winter it needs a well lit location.


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