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A birdhouse and new blooms

Friday March 11

It is beautiful today. Warm, with some overcast cloudy conditions are wonderful but we are expecting a cold front and the temps will be in the low 20’s in less than 48 hours.

I am protecting the new tomatoes, peppers and black eyed susans that I started from seed. They will be in the house. Other container plants that I think may be vulnerable will be in the shed or the vinyl greenhouse where they will have sufficient protection.

While they still look their best, here are my 5/6 for Friday.

This azalea is the most advanced of those in my yard. It is well set back amongst other shrubs so I hope it will tolerate the cold well.

This is a redbud (Cercis canadensis) which emerged this week. It is a reliable harbinger of spring. The arching branches are so graceful.
This is a red cedar bluebird house which I installed last Saturday. It was purchased at Pepper Place which is a local farmer’s market. This is dedicated to one of our garden club members who is recently deceased.
Here is the plaque.
This is a little would-be gardener we found today. It is a DeKay’s brownsnake. It looks like it may have eaten a slug or a snail recently.
This is bloodroot or Sanguinaria canadensis. It is a native growing in the woodland nearby. If you dig it up, the root does have a reddish juicy liquid if crushes and thus the name. It has no medicinal value so just enjoy the beautiful blooms.
I found this watercolor recently. I do feel for the land of my ancestors.

Don’t forget the Propagator. He is the inspiration for this blog.


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