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Irises, Columbines and More 22 April 2022

Greetings from the sunny Southeast USA.  The weather is definitely warming and the days are lengthening. The flowering plants are responding with glorious displays.  The work in the garden is never ending since the weeds enjoy this weather too.  The tree canopy is now filled with leaves that are a darker green.  I hope you have a chance to garden this weekend.

Here are my pictures for today.

First are two magnificent bearde iris.  The blue, white and peach varieties are my favorite.



The second set are the columbines.  They have been blooming for a couple of weeks now but there is a blue and a pink now blooming.  They reseed and I have many around the yard.



The hosta “Avocado” is fully displayed now.  It is in the most shaded part of the yard.  It is behing the hydrangeas and the paperbush which is probably the reason the deer have not found it.


The Gerber daisies have appeared this past week and quickly began blooming.  They seem to have had little frost damage this year so I expect some abundant blooming.  This yellow is very striking.


The Gaura is kept in a container just beside the car port.  It showed some green all winter but the last two weeks the blooming stems have appeared and now the blooms are emerging.  I love the way they “nod” when the bees land on them


Lastly, here is a beautiful amaryllis.  There are several blooming this week.  These started out as a Christmas gift but I planted them in the yard.  Now, the reward is amaryllis in April



Happy gardening y’all or as I heard in Texas last week – “Howdy”.

Don’t forget to look at the Propagator tomorrow.  He is the inspiration for my blog.



Author: topdock

Traveller Gardener

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