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Some Gulf Coast Photos 13 May 2022

I have been away at the Beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast.  It has been marvellous weather.  I am including some photos from there as well as some from home in Central Alabama.  No matter where you travel in Alabama, you will be blessed with natural beauty.


This first photo is a Solomon’s Seal in bloom.  It doesn’t bloom for long so you have to be watchful, especially so since it is in the shade garden.



I found this luna moth hanging out on the Encore Azalea.  Its host plant is the tulip poplar which is in bloom just across the street from the Men’s Garden.


I found this iris on my walk at the Gulf Coast property where I have been staying.  It resembles the Iris virginica at the Mens Garden.


Found this skink hiding in the iron plant.  It must think I can’t see him.



Here is some cucumber leaved sunflower and sea oats framed against the beautiful Gulf waters.  Makes you want to put up a sun umbrella.

Don’t you like this walking iris?  It is sad that the bloom only lasts a little more than 24 hours.  I have been able to propagate it easily.  Just put the new growth that appears after the bloom fades into a small pot with some potting soil.



Found this magnificent Great Blue Heron lurking in the lily pond near our rental property on the Gulf Coast.  He was probably feasting on some fish or crustacean found in the brackish water.


So, a mix of flora and fauna for you today.

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Author: topdock

Traveller Gardener

7 thoughts on “Some Gulf Coast Photos 13 May 2022”

  1. I love the heron picture. I wish I could have stopped yesterday to snap a picture of a sandhill crane in campus. I saw one on the wing and his buddy was still standing around as if waiting for someone to photograph him.

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      1. They are amazing birds. So big, and fearless. They walk around on campus like they own the place. So do the turkeys. The other bird that I see a lot that is impressive is the white pelican. Wing span similar to that if the California Condor, so 7 feet or so. They have striking black markings in the underside of their wings. There are usually 150 or so at the marsh near my home this time of year.

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  2. What a fascinating collection of photos. I hadn’t heard of a walking iris, and had to google it. I see it’s a tropical plant so it would never grow here and even though I immediately fell in love with the flower, I will have to do without it. The luna moth is a wonderfully delicate thing with its transparent wings. Beautiful!

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  3. Here in Alabama, the Great Blue Heron is quite common. I live in the southern suburbs of Birmingham. We see them in this setting along creeks, small lakes and they even will raid koi ponds. Almost any water’s edge will serve as habitat for them. The stately pose, the patient eye and the quick strike is fun to behold.

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