Reds and Oranges 24 June 2022

It is now officially summer and the hot weather is continuing.  Highs in the upper 90’s (35 to 38 C) here in the American South.

Adequate hydration and avoiding the mid afternoon sun is the order of the day.  I am a morning person so I do not mind getting out early.  It helps to finish any outdoor work after 5 pm to avoid the searing overhead sun.

The plants are faring much better than us mortals.  Today, I am offering some red and orange hues for you.

The first is this Hibiscus coccineus.  This is the scarlet rosemallow also known as the Texas star although it is not found naturally in Texas.  The leaves resemble cannabis  It is a hardy hibiscus native to the Southeast USA.  The large blooms are really striking.


This begonia is the red Dragon Wing.   It has been a winner for me in window boxes.  It thrives in the heat and prefers to be a little bit dry.  This year I propagated all I needed from a plant that I protected over the winter.


This crocosmia is the Lucifer cultivar.  It is a hardy plant in the iris family and is very reliable.  It does have a tendency to muscle out wards and needs to mind its manners every year.


Dahlias can be a little fickle in the heat but I have found one successful bed that gets less afternoon sun and I have been rewarded with reliable blooming.



This rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) is a reliable bloomer.  It does have the red throat.


This shot of my backyard shows the progress I have made in this shady area.  More on that in future blogs.


We are expecting some rain over the next few days which will lower the temps soon.  That will be welcome.

Happy Gardening.

Don’t forget the Propagator  who is the inspiration for this blog.


Author: topdock

Traveller Gardener

One thought on “Reds and Oranges 24 June 2022”

  1. Lovely photos! I do hope you get rain. I awoke to rain this morning after several days of 90+ temperatures. I watered my baby trees a bit just to make sure they get plenty of water. It is the nice gentle rain that gardeners love, so I am very happy about that. Love the thought of my rain barrels filling up!


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