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Bird Project 1 July 2022

This past week, I noticed a pair of goldfinches feeding on the liatris in my perennial bed.  The male was that bright gold color.  They came out of the thicket along the edge of my property where there are some pine trees and a mulberry.

I have had them come to my bird feeder in the winter but I have not seen them in the summer.  It made me think about what I could do to keep them around all year.

My research showed that their diet is mostly seeds unlike the majority of  songbirds.

Here are goldfinches on liatris spicata which is also known as gayfeather.


The goldfinches will also feed on the seeds from purple coneflower which grows as a native in our area.

The purple coneflower will last until frost.  You can keep the seedheads on through the late fall and into winter for the finches to feed on.


Another summerlong flower that they will feed from is a zinnia.  Zinnias here will bloom all summer long.

Gold finch on zinnia

The sunflower is another good food source.  Sunflowers can be left standing into the winter and the goldfinches will come to them.

Goldfinch on sunflower.

The goldfinches will feed on native grasses in the winter in our area.  These will contain seeds to support them in the winter.

Thought you might enjoy seeing these limelight hydrangeas in full bloom.  The goldfinches do not use birdboxes.  This one is for the bluebirds.  It was erected in the spring but is not presently occupied.


Switching themes, here is a photo of this colorful canna.  I am not sure of the name but I think it is Tropicana


Ending today’s photos with the agastache and a Stoke’s Aster which are both showing beautiful colors in the summer.


It is Independence Day here in the USA on Monday so it is a weekend of celebration and little gardening.

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