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The song says that the living is easy.  It is hot here so its easy if you are indoors.  Rain is forecast tomorrow which will break the heat for a while.  In the meantime, it is sufficient just to keep the outdoor plants watered.  Had to take care of the vole problem today.  Applied a newly acquired treatment suggested by the local hardware store.


This pink spiderwort stood out today.  I see it is also called Purple Heart.  It loves the heat and spreads every summer and self seeds as an added bonus.



The rose campion has started to bloom again.  It seems undefeated by the summer heat.  Its delicate nature is beautiful.  It is also self seeding but it is welcome.


The Rose of Sharon is also enjoying the summer heat.  It is an old time favorite and I can see why.  The blooms are magnificent.  There is also a white bloom with a red throat.



The white caladium “Candide” loves this shady spot.  It does get enough morning sun to keep it healthy and looks spiffy in this urn.



This old recycled fountain looks great set back amongst the Limelight hydrangeas and sports some thriving succulents.


The voles are inhabiting most of the lawn at the Mens Garden.  The hardware store recommended this remedy.  It attacks the Japanese beetle larvae which are the main food source for the voles.  In addition, I have applied some repellent that was also recommended.  Hope this works.  All the runways in the lawn are unsightly.


Meanwhile, be careful in the heat.  Seek shade whenever possible and remain hydrated.

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Author: topdock

Traveller Gardener

4 thoughts on “Summertime”

  1. Hmm, I used to have voles, but then a coopers hawk moved in and seems to enjoy them for breakfast. I milky spored my lawn to minimize the japanese beetles but the jury is still out on whether it helped.


    1. I will report if i have success. I will have to treat again in the fall according to the instructions. i fear I am only moving them into the nearby woods while they plot a counterattack.


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