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The bloom continues 22 July 2022

The weather has cooled today after thunderstorms last night.  No significant damage at home or in the Mens Garden but there is a lot of small limbs and leaves down.   It was humid this morning but it was overcast so some tasks could be done without excessive perspiration.

The Shasta daisies were deadheaded.  They have almost finished their season but the Blackeyed Susans are magnificent.


The Crape myrtles and the limelight hydrangeas are in full regalia now.  Unsure of the name of this beauty.


This limelight is in part shade and it is really thriving.  It is filling in this space and will need some pruning since it is hiding a camellia behind it.



This looks like a mulberry tree protruding through the fence.  It is past fruit stage which kept the squirrels very busy.


This milkweed is past blooming and now carries these unique pods.  The milkweed is the host plant for so many butterflies including the Monarch.


Another versatile native is the purple coneflower.  I leave the seedheads on as a food source for the birds.



Hope your weather has been favorable for getting in some summer gardening.  Keep hydrated and keep a measured pace.

Don’t forget about the propagator


Author: topdock

Traveller Gardener

One thought on “The bloom continues 22 July 2022”

  1. Black-eyed Susan’s are one of my favourite flowers, but I don’t seem to have them in this garden. I shall make a note to make amends. Thank you for reminding me of them.


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