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Butterflies and a Ginger Lily

In the American South, we are having more below average temp and some rain chance most every day.  It has been possible to get out and do some shrub pruning.  The garden is beginning to look tired and a little ragged but some fall flowers are appearing.

Butterfly numbers seemed to be below normal this summer but this week I have been surprised to find much more butterfly activity.

Here is the collection.


Here is a hardy mum.  Unsure of name but this is thriving enough that I have divided it and have it in three locations now.


The vitex of  chaste tree is very happy and continues to bloom.


The American beautyberry is beginning to show off its purple berry collars.  It is a very reliable native shrub.


The “Katy Road” rose is showing some new buds with the let up in the heat.  It is such a beautiful pink.  The leaf beetles really get after it but I am trying to keep them at bay with some weekly Neem oil applications.  Sorry that it is a little fuzzy.


The encore azaleas are really showy this week.  I just had to show them off again.  They really look good along this paver path.


Here is a gulf fritillary on the profusion zinnias.  The host plant is a passionflower.  I would show it but the caterpillars have chewed it up.


Here is a monarch.  These zinnias are right next to the butterfly milkweed.  I just had to stand between the two in order to get a good photo.


The ginger lily bloomed this week.  I have them in some pedestal containers at the garden entrance.  I was not expecting them to bloom this year so it is a surprise.


Hope you have some rain and moderating temperatures this week.  It makes the gardening such a treat.

Remember the inspiration of this blog,  The propagator blog.


Author: topdock

Traveller Gardener

3 thoughts on “Butterflies and a Ginger Lily”

  1. That Ginger Lily is amazing and I love seeing butterflies, thanks for including them. I also admire the berries on the BeautyBerry, I haven’t heard of that one before.


    1. The American beauty berry (Callicarpa Americana) is a common native shrub in our region. The berries are beautiful and the foliage becomes golden in the fall. The birds enjoy the fruit. So, something for all.


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