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Friday Favorites

It is Friday.  Our beautiful weather continues.  It will be dry for the next week so some judicious watering is in order.  These tasks will have to be done today as you will soon find out.

Football season has begun so the wife and I will be watching college football tomorrow.


First off are two spider lilies.  They are sometimes called surprise lilies because they seem to just appear overnight.




Second is the Sedum “Autumn Joy”.  It was really putting on a fine display today.



Third is this trio of purple coneflowers looking so fine in the morning light.



Fourth, here are these red knockout roses.  There is a new wave of blooms that have begun this week.



Fifth, is this beautiful, large bloomed hardy hibiscus.  They were just planted two weeks ago.  I hope this is a good harbinger of things to come.



Sixth, I encountered two visitors, one small and one large for you to see.



The small is the tussock moth caterpillar and the large is one of two healthy bucks that came walking through the front yard a few mornings ago.


Happy gardening to all and remember to take a look at the Propagator.

His blog Six on Saturday is the inspiration for this blog.  He would appreciate you stopping by and giving him a like if you favor what you see.


Author: topdock

Traveller Gardener

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