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21 Sept 2022 The Heat is Back

It was too soon to be true.  The cooler mornings and days were so pleasant.  Today and yesterday we were back into the mid 90’s.  I guess that is is 35 degrees C.  It will settle back down again this weekend and also bless us with some rain.

On another note, it has been such a wonderful experience watching the majestry and pageantry of the queen’s funeral and farewell.  The ceremonies have been magnificent.  I am so taken by the meaning of institution and tradition.  In this world today, in which there is a tendency to want to cancel, this is a lesson in why these constants are so important to us.  Bravo!

Here are my lot for this week.

First, there is a combination of Salvia and Dragon Wing Begonia.  The tall salvia seems to thrive in the heat.


The next is a Japanese anemone.  The leaf shape is a nice additional feature of this flower.  It comes in more than this color.  I do prefer the white.  It likes part sun and part shade and blooms a long time.


The third one for you is this oddball of a tomato hornworm infected with some parasitic wasp eggs.


Here is a photo of a wax myrtle (Morella cerifera).  There was myrtle in the wreath on the Queen’s casket.  It is a sign of love and prosperity.




The next photo is of some fungi seen in the woods.  I think these are oyster mushrooms.


The next photo is a day flower. I also found this in my walk in the woods.


Finally, this is an Eastern hemlock. These are usually associated with Northern forests. By some quirk, they are present in the American South. Thank goodness because they are beautiful.



Hope you enjoyed these.


Author: topdock

Traveller Gardener

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